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The 2008 Kiwanis Spelling Bee, organized by David Wideman, was held at Lufkin High School on Saturday February 2. Six teams entered the K through 5th grade team competition. The teams were Nacogdoches Area Homeschoolers, Regents Academy K-3 Nacogdoches, Slack Elementary, Saint Cyprian's Episcopal, Regents Academy 4-5 Nacogdoches and San Augustine Elementary. The winner was Slack, Seth Edwards Captain, also Aylson Riley and Hope McMullen.  

There were also eight teams in the 6th though 8th grade competition. The teams were Lufkin Middle School 6-7 graders, Lufkin Middle School 8th graders, Nacogdoches Area Homeschoolers, Regents Academy 6th graders Nacogdoches, Regents Academy 7th graders, Regents Academy 8th graders, Etoile 7th graders and Etoile 8th granders. 

We had nineteen contestants in the individual Spelling Bee. The contestants were  Awards were made at the Kiwanis meeting Wednesday February 18th at the Golden Coral.

The pronouncer this year was Sarah Strinden.  Kiwanians who acted as judges were, Rodney Ivy, Glenn Smith, Joe Havard, Fred Preston, Bonnie Killam and Jimmy Birdwell.


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