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Project No. 4 - Bird Sanctuary - 1993


Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon
(Goura victoria)

Normally found in northern New Guinea, this striking pigeon is outstanding because of its size and dramatic crown. Like their cousin, the pied imperial pigeon, they love figs. mixed vegetables and other fruits.
The crowned pigeon has an interesting voice that has been compared to the sound of someone blowing into the top of an empty bottle. This sound is often accompanied by an elaborate bowing display.




Pied Imperial Pigeon

Pied Imperial Pigeon
Ducula bicolor
This Asiatic pigeon is normally found in wooded areas, mangrove swamps and coconut groves. Small islands are a preferred nesting location.
Our pigeons have their very own fig tree, one of their favorite foods. They also enjoy a variety of fruits and wild nutmeg.
These pigeons will lay one egg in a nest





Malay Crested Fireback Pheasant

Malay Crested Fireback Pheasant
(Lophura erythrophthalm
The lowland forests of the Malay peninsula and Sumaria are home for the Malay Crestless Fireback Pheasant.
These birds are different enough that the all black female was once considered a different species.
These birds will lay a clutch of three to six eggs and are incubated for 24 days. Pheasants will thrive on a diet of mixed fruits and vegetables, lettuce, and a commercial pheasant chow.



This exhibit represented a different challenge to the volunteer Kiwanians in that is was to be an entirely enclosed exhibit with a visitor walkthough culminating at two entrances, each with a vestibule and double gates so that the birds could not escape. Work on the project commenced on February 6, 1993 and was completed on April 16, 1993.

Dr. Bob Garrett and Charlotte Henley working
Charlotte Henley & Bob Garrett

Work on the project involved the following: Tear down existing fences, set poles, build decorative fence along the walkway, set wire enclosure on the sides of the exhibit, install wood walkway inside the exhibit complete with a decorative barrier and railing, construct the two entrance enclosures and gates, and install overhead netting and secure to the wire enclosure. This rope netting had to be later replaced with wire netting because squirrels were nibbling their way through this netting, making it possible for the birds to escape. Finally, a drain system for a pond was installed and facing installed on the posts. Trees, plant shrubs, and flowers were planted. Zoo personnel dug the hole for and cemented in the pond. They later installed the bamboo back fencing.

Ward Burke working
Ward Burke

Sam Griffin Jr, Fred Jacobs and Charlotte Henley working
Sam Griffin, Jr., Fred Jacobs and Charlotte Henley

Work on this impressive exhibit involved 37 Kiwanians who labored a total of 381 manhours. Fourteen Kiwanians worked more than 1 shift while 9 of these worked 4 or more shifts. Scaffolding and ladders were donated by the A-1 Lufkin Rental Center. Maddox Lumber Company donated a nail gun and compressor.

Sam Griffin Jr. in cage
A Bird in the Cage (Sam Griffin Jr.)

The Club presented a check for $3000.00 to the City Manager, and Gordon Henley, Zoo Director at a small ceremony on the site of the exhibit.

Overall view of finished project.
Finished Exhibit


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