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Project No. 6 - Bob Cat Liberation - 1995


Bobcats are one of seven species of wild cats found in North America and they occur throughout Texas. In East Texas, bobcats are often inhabitants of thickets. They are active mostly at night and feed on small mammals and birds. The name Bobcat may have originated from its short tail, which is only 6 or 7 inches long. The end of its tail is always black, tipped with white, which distinguishes the Bobcat from its northern cousin, the Canadian Lynx, whose tail is tipped solid black.

Bobcat kitten
Bobcat kitten

Work on this project was started on March 25, 1995 and the Kiwanis portion was finished on June 3, 1995.

To build enthusiasm for the project, a video tape was made by Lee Miller in which Fred Jacobs reviewed and described the five previous projects and introduced the Bob Cat project. This video was shown to both the noon Kiwanis Club and the Seniors Kiwanis club on the day of the kick-off.

The following work was done by Kiwanians: Tear down the old cyclone fencing, build an observation deck enclosed with decorative fencing, build the cage framework, install the welded wire caging, build a short panel fence, and plant shrubs and bushes in front of the exhibit. A few finishing touches and a small holding pen for the bob cat was completed by zoo personnel.

There were 33 Kiwanians from the Lufkin Club and 4 Kiwanians from the Seniors Club involved in the project. The Lufkin Club worked 224 man hours and the Seniors Club worked 28 man hours for a total of 252 man hours. Eleven Kiwanians worked 2 shifts or more. It was a difficult year to get anyone to work on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

A-1 Rentals donated scaffolding to facilitate the erection of the cage. This was greatly appreciated.

The finished exhibit
The Finished Exhibit

President Wilton Killam presented a check for $2500.00, which covered total cost of materials, to Mayor Bronaugh and Gordon Henley, Zoo Director. This was done at the site of the exhibit during which the club had good newspaper and TV coverage.

Dedication. Mayor Bronaugh on right, Killam left facing, Gordon Henley in back center.



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