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Project No. 3 - Blackbuck Habitat - 1992

Blackbuck Antelope

(Antelope cervacapra)

Native to the Indian sub-continent, the sleek Blackbuck Antelope has been eliminated from a large portion of it's range. In fact, there are more of these antelopes living in Texas than in India.

A Black Buck Antelope

The Lufkin Kiwanis Club volunteered to build and partially finance this project. Work was started on March 21, 1992 and due to inclement weather and Holidays the Kiwanis part of the project was not completed until July 18, 1992.

The project consisted of taking down the existing chain link and wood fencing, back hoeing the moat, digging post holes for the main Behling wire fence, building a decorative log fence in front of the exhibit, digging out and installing a tiered moat and retaining wall. This latter portion was exasperating because it kept raining and washing the sides of the moat down the drain. After about three tries, the moat and wooden retaining walls supporting the tiers and a wooden retaining wall in front of the moat was finally completed. A 60-70ft ditch had to be dug and drain pipe installed to carry away rain water from the moat area. The supporting posts and Behling wire fencing was installed including two gates. Next, wooden, wire and slat fencing was installed. A cement foundation was laid on which an antelope pen was constructed. Finally shrubs and banana trees were planted and the landscape was shaped. A pond was then dug, cemented, and shaped by zoo personnel.

Building the Mote

Kiwanians David Perkins supplied a power driven post hole digger, Kenneth Koon, the back hoe, and Joe Havard the nail guns and compressor. All of this was very much appreciated.

The Pen
The finished exhibit.
The finished Exhibit

This project was our largest to date and involved 47 Kiwanians, including five ladies, who worked a total of 505 man hours over a period of 13 four hour shifts. Twenty-one Kiwanians worked more than one shift with 12 of those working 3 shifts or more. A check for $5500.00 was presented to Mayor Bronaugh by Al Underwood, President of the Lufkin Kiwanis Club. This was done at the site of the exhibit with TV and newspaper coverage of the event.


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