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Project No. 2 - Mandarin Duck and Koi Carp - 1991

Mandarin Duck
(Aix Galericulata)

The handsome cousin of the North American Wood Duck, the Mandarin Duck, is found in Central East Asia and is considered a feral animal in Great Britain. They feed both in water and on land eating rice and snails in the Autumn. Nests are usually a hole in a tree at least thirty feet high. Nine to twelve eggs are incubated by the female for twenty-eight to thirty days.

Pair of Mandarin ducks.
Pair of Mandarin Ducks.

This project would greatly enhance the existing crocodile exhibit by placing a pond and waterfall in front of the present building. A covered wooden walkway with railing ,was built between the building and the pond. A bridge was then engineered and built across the pond connecting the viewing area with the main sidewalk. Work was started on May 25, 1991 and was completed on July 28, 1991.

Under construction
Under construction

The old chain link fence was torn down and a back hoe was brought in to excavate the hole for the pond. The 7' walkway in front of the building was installed. A roof over the walkway was built, tar papered and shingled, and a railing installed. A bridge and 7' walkway complete with railing was then installed over the pond. Then came the arduous task of shaping and pouring the concrete for the pond. Concrete had to be carried by wheelbarrow from the rear zoo entrance several hundred feet to the exhibit. Finally, a decorative log and wire fence was installed along two sides of the exhibit and a 6' wooden fence installed on the remaining side. The final step was to plant shrubs, bushes, and trees between the sidewalk and the pond and in front of the wooden fence. This is a beautiful exhibit as can be noted in the photograph below.

Completed Project
The completed exhibit.

31 Kiwanians worked a total of 287 man hours to complete the project. A formal dedication was made to the City of Lufkin and a check for $2400 was presented to Mayor Bronaugh.

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