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Project No. 12 - Guan - 2001

Common Piping Guan

Aburria pipile and aburria pipile cumanensis

Spending most of their time in the canopy of rainforest, this Guan enjoys eating palm fruits, figs, and flowers. The range for this bird follows river systems, especially the Orinoco River, in South America. The range includes tropical forests in South America, south of the Orinoco and east of the Andes. To the north the range includes the Guianas, southern Venezuela, and all of Amazonia; to the south, eastern Bolivia, Mato Grosso, and northeastern Paraguay. Replaced to the south and east in Brazil, northern Argentina, southeastern Paraguay by the Black-fronted Piping Guan. There are a number of different varieties, differing slightly in coloring. When not nesting they occur in flocks of five to ten. Guans are noted for their diverse repertoire of vocal elation and wing drumming displays.


This project is three-phased in that it consists of replacing the chain link fence in front of the DeBrassa and Lemur primate exhibits with decorative fencing. A panel fence and service gate will also be constructed between the Racoon and Lemur exhibits to replace a chain link fence and gate. The second phase will consist of removing the shed in the old tortoise exhibit and constructing a large cage for the Guan bird. The third phase, if time permits, consists of replacement of the chain link fence surrounding the present Guan exhibit with the attractive decorative wooden fencing.

Before the project started

After a delay due to rain, work was finally started on the first phase on April 17th and completed on May 10th.

Phase 1 finished

New Panel Fence.

Dub Cox and Sam Pirtle, Jr.

Ben Dean, Charlotte and Gordon Henley, Fred Jacobs

Charlotte, Jennifer Berns, David Lively, Jim Birdwell, Gordon, Ben Lively, Charles Gabehart and Sam Griffin, Jr.

Richard Thompson, Wilton Killam and Dub Cox

Sam Pirtle, Jr., Ward Burke and Al Underwood.

Gordon Henley, Sam Griffin, Sr., Fred Preston

Sam Griffin, Sr., Charlotte and Gordon Henley, Fred Preston

Ward Burke and Wilton Killam

Sam Pirtle, Jr.

Mike Miller, Charles Gabehart, Dub Cox and Walter Streich

Al Underwood, Ward Burke and Charlotte Henley

Walter Streich, Fred Preston, Mike Miller, Charlotte Henley, Dean Carpenter and Gordon Henley

Sam Pirtle, Jr., Dub Cox, Wilton Killam and Charlie Harris

Larry Sparks, David Lively and Charlie Gabehart

Jennifer Henley

Kiwanis Sign


Again this year, those Kiwanians completing 8 or more hours of work on the project will be awarded "Zoo Crew" T-shirts.




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