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Project No. 14 - Komodo Dragon Project 2003/04

Komodo Dragon
(Varanus komodoensis)

What is the Komodo? Growing up to ten feet long, it is the largest lizard in the world. Discovered by science at the start of the 20th century, some 6,000 Komodos are restricted to a few small islands in Indonesia. On these islands, they rule supreme. Then can run as fast as a dog for short stretches and prey they merely injure are brought down shortly by the deadly bacteria in their mouths. They spend their days sunning and their nights in shallow burrows.

Komodo Dragon.
Komodo Dragon at Ellen Trout - not the new exhibit.
Pictures of Komodo Dragon by Walter Streich

Each year Kiwanis has supplied man power and money to help build an exhibit at the Ellen Trout Zoo. This was started in 1989 by Fred Jacobs, then Lt. Governor, and Gordon Henley. The first project was the Wolf Exhibit. Each year since Fred Jacobs has spearheaded a project at the zoo. Last year, due to failing eye sight, Fred relinquished the management of this project to Charles 'Gabe' Gabehart. We got off to a late start in 2003 and the project has carried over to 2004.

Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon - Lufkin

The site chosen was the one by the Bear exhibit that was previously occupied by Vultures. This year the majority of the labor was supplied by Key Clubbers who worked almost every Saturday. A few of the old standby retirees worked on Thursday afternoon. No pictures were taken at the start of the project nor of the Key Clubbers, at least at the beginning. These pictures were taken by yours truly, Fred Preston.

Key Clubers
Dub Cox, 'Gabe' Gabehart, Huntington and Hudson Key Clubbers making concrete panels.

Key Clubbers
Huntington and Hudson Key Clubbers making Concrete Panels. Huntington, Hudson and Diboll Key Clubs have recorded 1825 man hours as of May 1, 2004 on this project.

Huntington and Hudson Key Clubbers making concrete panels. Key clubbers did most of the concrete work.

Dean Carpenter, Unknown, Dub Cox, Charlie Harris, Gordon.

Sam Pirtle

'Gabe' Gabehart

Wilton Killam, Gordon Henley, Sam Pirtle.

Dub Cox, Unknown, Gabe, Gordon, Wilton, Charlie, Sam

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