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Project No. 7 - Wallaby and Emu Exhibits - 1996


Bennett's Wallaby
(Macropus refogriseus frutica)
Wallabies are small species of kangaroos and are found in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. They are marsupials and maintain their young in a pouch from the time of birth until they are almost adult size. Wallabies are vegetarians and feed in open forests and prairies but use bushy areas for shelter. Groups of wallabies are called "mobs", however, the Bennett's Wallaby is one of the solitary species. It is also more nocturnal than many of the other wallaby species. They may live 15 years.



Do you see Joey?
"Joey" is the name given to baby wallabies and kangaroos. Even though February 16, 1998 was the first day the joey's head could be seen, it was not his birthday. This youngster was probably born five months previous (Sept. 16, 1997). Young marsupials are born partially developed and move directly into their mother's pouch to continue growing. This joey spent about one year in the pouch.


(Dromaius novaehollandiae)
One of the largest birds in the world, second only, to the ostrich, an adult emu may weigh up to 90 pounds (41 kilograms) and be up to 6 feet tall. These large, flightless Australian birds were ruthlessly hunted for their flesh by the first European colonizers. At the beginning of this century they were massacred by farmers as pests. And, in 1932 the Australian army tried to exterminate them with machine guns! Fortunately, the emu now receives governmental protection helping insure its survival!


Work on this project commenced January 27, 1996 and was finished March 24, 1996. Cold weather prevented work on 5 shifts. No work was done on Superbowl Sunday or on the weekends of the Kiwanis Spelling Bee and TV Auctions.

The original deer exhibit was converted to the wallaby exhibit. The emu exhibit remained in its same area. Holes were dug, square wooden posts installed onto which 8' Behling wire fencing was attached. This was done in front of the two exhibits and four feet from the sidewalk. Decorative fencing was installed along the sidewalk in front of the two exhibits and continued in front of the adjoining exhibit to the corner by the old tortoise exhibit. An attractive viewing area was constructed off the sidewalk at a central point where both exhibits could be seen.

Wallaby/Emu Exhibit

The shelters of both exhibits were shored up, squared and paneled on the inside with plywood. The inside of each shelter was then painted.

Shrubs were planted between the walk and the exhibits as well as on the back and sidewalls of the exhibits.

Emu Exhibit

In spite of the weather, 30 Kiwanians worked a total of 171 man-hours. It was difficult getting members to work on several Saturday and Sunday afternoons. This was a worthwhile and fun project and did much to enhance the new look at the zoo.

A check for $3082.31, the exact cost for materials, was presented by Kim Wilcox, Vice President of Lufkin Kiwanis, to Mayor Bronaugh and Gordon Henley, Zoo Director. The presentation was made at the site of the exhibits.

Dedication, L to R, Kim Wilcox, Mayor Bronaugh and Gordon Henley.

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