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Project No. 1 - Wolves Den I - 1989-90

Timber Wolf (Canis Lupus)

Using strategy and team work, the Timber Wolf pack, an efficient hunting unit, preys on deer, moose and caribou. Wolves, like other predators, help keep these herds healthy by selectively killing the sick and injured individuals.

One of the inhabitants.
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Last seen in Texas in 1970, this species once ranged throughout North America and Eurasia. Endangered now due to unwarranted persecution, the Wolf, in North America, is found only in Alaska, Canada and scattered areas in the United States.

(This species protected by State and Federal law.)


This project revamped the existing Wolves Exhibit. Kiwanians volunteered their time in four hour shifts, Saturday mornings and afternoons, and Sunday afternoons.. Work was started on September 9, 1989 and was stopped on October 7, 1989. The wolves had been removed to the old tiger cages on the premises. The old fencing was torn out and carried away. New heavy cattle wire fencing was installed using 6" by 6" by 10' tall wooden posts. A double gateway was installed at the rear of the enclosure. The pit for a pond was excavated using a backhoe and the dirt shoveled back from the area in preparation for installing a wolves den. Work was stopped at this point because of conditions beyond the control of the zoo officials. At this point, 27 Kiwanians had worked a total of 257 man hours.

Heavy work
Heavy work ! (Martin Glenn)

Wolves Den II

This project resumed on Saturday, March 24, 1990 and was finished on Saturday, April 28,1990 following the same weekend work schedules used previously. Excavation for the pool was completed, cement was hauled down the sidewalk by wheelbarrow, while zoo personnel formed and shaped the pool. This was back breaking work and a couple of Kiwanians nearly fell into the fresh cement in the pool while they were dumping cement from the wheelbarrows. Work in the den for the wolves was completed, railroad tie portals installed and grass sod was planted over its entirety. Meanwhile a guardrail was constructed along the walkway in front of the exhibit down to and past the viewing area. Plants and bushes were planted between the guardrail and the exhibit fence. Framework for the glass panels in the viewing area was completed. Professionals installed the glass. Finally the exhibit grounds were cleaned up and the wolves were let in. They had quite a time exploring their new home. The zoo staff held a reception with refreshments at the site for all Kiwanians. The exhibit was dedicated and turned over to the city along with a check for $1000.00 to cover material costs. 31 Kiwanians expended 197 man hours to complete the exhibit.

The completed wolf pen
The completed pen.

This work experience proved to the Lufkin Kiwanis Club that this type of activity was a worthwhile and rewarding way to commit itself to the improvement of the community and was the beginning of many years of such service.

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