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The Lufkin Tennis Association is promoting the sport of tennis in the Lufkin area. Membership in the LTA is encouraged to help in promoting tennis activities, however, many activities are open to anyone interested in playing tennis.  Dues are $10 a year (due every June) for single membership but we won't chase any players away, come and join us.   Mixers are being held, weather permitting, on Saturday morning at the Lufkin High School Courts from 8 to 11 AM. Men, women, boys, girls all ages, all skill levels, come and join the fun.    Click on this for some action Pictures

If any tennis activities are planned in East Texas and you want some additional exposure, contact Fred Preston. Cell phone (936-366-4228) or 936-634-6086 OR .. I will post any information supplied on tennis tournaments or other activities related to tennis in Tyler, Jacksonville, or anywhere else in East Texas. Of course Lufkin activities at Livewell, Crown Colony or the Lufkin Tennis Association are also shown. This page will only be as good as the information provided, so please help.

Some of us are using the courts at Chambers Park, they were resurfaced and have reasonably good lights. The city is doing a better job of blowing off the courts but just in case make sure you bring a push broom or blower to get rid of the pine needles and cones.   Unfortunately, like other courts the city has resurfaced, these courts are cracking again.



The 1999 East Texas Champions in Mens 3.0 Competition

The Lufkin Tennis Association is a member of the USTA.





LTA dues ---- don't think there are any dues anymore.

Head man would like to know this:

  • Date
  • Name (include additional family members for Family membership)
  • Address
  • Telephone (home)
  • E-Mail Address
  • Membership type (junior, adult or family)
  • USTA rating if you have one

    Lufkin Tennis Association
    P.O. Box 153952
    Lufkin, Texas 75915-3952

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    If you have any information of interest to tennis players in Lufkin, TX or the East Texas area, contact the LTA president or Fred Preston.
    Check out the North East Texas web page above for a complete list of tennis events.

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