Championship team of 1999
Lufkin/Center team of 1999. Represented North East Texas in the State Competition at Corpus Christi. Won their division by beating Fort Worth, Austin and Corpus Christi. Lost to San Antonio, winner of the other division, by a score of 2-3.
First row left to right:Bob White, Ortega Cartwright, James Ward, Al Thorman, Daryl Knighton
Second row:Fred Preston, Johnny Delaney, Alpha Fields, Joe Bollinger and Gerald Hale.

The Lufkin/Center Men's 3.0 team is off to a winning start again. The first match was scheduled for March 21 against the Tyler Tennis and Swim Bombers at Crown Colony, this was rained out. In the second match against Jacksonville, also at Crown Colony, the Lufkin/Center team won 14-7. Then at Holly Tree Country Club in Tyler and Lufkin/Center won 12-9. Scores are shown below. HOLLYTREE seems WAS THE to be the team to beat !! One of the makeup matches and a regular match against Tyler Tennis and Swim are to be played in Lufkin on Saturday May 6. The schedule and scores are as follows:

I think we got in the 3.5 or 4.0 bracket by mistake this wiped out. Appeared to have a really good team until we started play in Corpus and lost the first match against Dallas, 0-5. Didn't get much better after that. It was hot and was fun but no trophies.

Team Members are as follows: (an * denotes players on the championship team of 1999.)

Two members of the 1999 Championship team who moved up and are not on this years team are Daryl Knighton and Gerald Hale.

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