Eggonaut Rocket Project









Purpose: To design, construct, and launch an air pressure-fueled rocket containing a raw chicken egg and have the rocket return to Earth with the egg in an intact, unbroken condition.

Rule A: Scoring
  1. The Design Portfolio shall have a value of 20 points and must be turned in during registration.  The Design Portfolio must include the following:

      a.  Cover sheet with appropriate information
            (1)  Group members
            (2)  School
            (3)  Mentors (if any)
       b.  Scaled drawings of rocket during design phase
(include several to demonstrate the
             development stages)
       c.  Materials used
       d.  Procedure used in construction
       e. A table containing a least one modification made between design and final product
           and   (1) Why the change was made
                    (2) Positive / negative effect(s) of the change

  1. The Aesthetic Evaluation shall have a value of 10 points and will be conducted using the following criteria:

       a. Exterior decorations
       b. Proportionality
       c. Originality
       d. Overall appearance

  1. The Performance Evaluation shall be determined by measuring the total elapsed time between launch and landing of the rocket, and determination of the unbroken survival of the raw egg.
  1. The Rocket Weight (without fuel or egg) will be determined to serve as a tie breaker.

Rule B:  Determining Winners

  1. Each team will receive a blank copy of the scoring rubric used in determination of winners.
  1. The team having the greatest number of total points (Design Portfolio + Aesthetic Evaluation + Performance Evaluation) shall be declared the winner.
  1. The Performance will have the greatest weight (see the Scoring Rubric).
  2. In the event of a tie after determination in #2, the mass of the rocket without fuel or egg will be used; the rocket with lighter mass will prevail in the event of a tie after all other categories are determined.
  1. Any team which violates any of the following design/performance rules (C-F) will be disqualified and their points will not be used in determining winners.

Rule C:  The Rocket

  1. The rocket shall be fueled only with compressed air, water, or a combination of compressed air and water.  The construction team will determine the quantity of water.  Air pressure shall be set at 80 psi.  No other source of potential or kinetic fuel may be used.
  1. The fueled section of the rocket shall be made of a 2-liter plastic soft drink bottle with an opening of 21mm internal diameter (ID).  This opening will be the rocket nozzle which, when the rocket is mounted for launch, will be the bottom of the rocket.  The external threads around the rocket nozzle must not be covered in any manner.
  1. The fueled section must have a cone section attached; however, no metal parts may be used in the cone section.

      a.  The cone section must be capable of containing one
            raw, grade A, extra large chicken egg.
      b.  The construction team may determine the size and
            shape of the cone section; however, it must be
            designed so that the egg can be placed into the cone
            section at launch time, then sealed.
      c.  The cone section should be designed so that the egg
           receives maximum protection upon its return to earth.
           Eggs will be provided at the launch site; eggs must be
           loaded into the cone in the presence of a judge.

  1. The fueled section may have fins attached; however, no metal  parts may be attached

       to the rocket.
        a.  The presence of fins and the number of fins shall be determined by the
              construction team.
        b.  Fin height, if used, shall be defined as the distance from the fueled section
              perpendicular to the greatest tip of the fin.
        c.   No single fin shall have a fin height greater than 40% of the total length of the
              fueled section.
        d.   Fins may not extend below the bottom of the rocket  nozzle.                   

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